Apple Cider Vinegar Diet



If You Want to Lose Belly Fat and Increase You Metabolism Without Starving Yourself and Not Regain Weight
After a Diet Binge, Then You Might Want to Try This Method . . . . Worked for Me!


Okay, first of all, I was a 2 pack a day smoker for 35 years and I quit 9 years ago cold
turkey, so I know you can change your bad habits if you want to. That is the key to
anything you want to accomplish, you have to want to, more than to keep doing what
you know is not worth it.

Life is shorter than any of us ever want to think about and for that reason why not do
what gives you more chances to stretch that deadline further away rather than not?
       Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Okay, the title kind of gives this process
to better health away, but trust me, Iím all about making things simple to do and
easy to follow.

So, letís get into this easy to do process
in losing belly fat and gaining back your metabolism to feel better and have more energy.

I did some research, and Iím no scientist,
but what I discovered is really quite
amazing once you listen to folks that
spend all their time doing one thing, like
food intake studies.

Turns out, the answer is right on the tip of our tongues. Yep, our tongues are designed
to taste two primary substances; sugar and salt. Sweet and bitter to put it in other
words, is what we need in order to satisfy the bodyís needs.




The FAT You Eat is The FAT You WEAR!

I heard this statement made; ď The FAT you Eat is the FAT you WEARĒ, The truth of the matter is, the American or Western World Diet consists of foods that make us obese more than any other country.

Now, donít get me wrong, I love my meats, but it is very important to rethink this intake for a much improved health condition of our bodies.

Hereís the bottom line when it comes to fat intake, fat comes from animal meats and their by products we consume, butter, milk, cheese, and gravies. Yes, we are all guilty of eating and consuming these products to the extreme. Our bodies were not made to consume mass quantities of these foods on such a frequent basis because our bodies have no way to
process them compared to how much we give them.

Therefore, when we over consume animal foods, the human body can only store fat and continue to add it to the not needed parts of our bodies. ďThe FAT you eat is the FAT you WEAR!Ē I keep emphasizing this phrase to hopefully drive home what is the key to reversing your bad habits.

Donít get me wrong animal food sure does taste good and makes a smile on our faces,
but it also makes our faces, bellies, arms, and legs FAT! My biggest issue is while trying to curb my meat intake, I have a hard time ignoring those outdoor smells near hamburger franchises and steak houses. Aroma is a killer to most diets. You know, we should probably wear nose pins when trying to lose weight.

Well, I apologize for delaying the real reason you stopped by and here is what has worked almost effortlessly for me and it all makes perfect sense.

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Apple Cider Vinegar is a fix all for many health issues, but all you are interested in is losing that FAT, right?

Okay, so hereís where my research and application has taken me in losing unwanted weight, given me a cleaner healthier body and I can give you firsthand results.


There used to be a product that has since been removed from store shelves called;
ďJogging in a JugĒ, ever heard of it? Well, the Readerís Digest version is this. Basically,
it was a fruity tasting juice that had a fair amount of Apple Cider Vinegar as itís key

                     Lose Weight Without Exercise

Turns out ACV is a great fat burning, body fat removing tool, to clean your body, add
energy to your metabolism and helps you process foods better and actually improves
blood sugar levels, plus a whole lot more benefits, that I wonít go long in the tooth about
today, but hey, this stuff works.

There are differing ingredients to that Jogging in the Jug concoction but basically it
was a way to make ACV takes good enough to consume it in a larger quantity than
simply adding a tbsp or two to a glass of water. Letís face it, we canít drink ACV
straight up and we need to mask the flavor as much as possible in order to keep it
in our daily regiment of tools to FIGHT FAT!

What I did, was start buying those 100% fruit juices ( I preferred the 100% Apple Juice)
that come in the 2 quart size and pour out 1 cup of the juice into another container and
replace it with 1 cup of ACV.

That did the trick for the bitter taste of the ACV and I drink one cup of the mixed
concoction every morning religiously. Sometimes, Iíll even pour me 1 cup before
bedtime for good measure, depending on how indulgent I was from what I ate that day.


I LOST 10 Pounds in 18 Days

Now, for full disclosure, in order to drop some serious weight FASTER! I cut out my sweet tooth products and replaced them with some really tasty substitutes. For example, when you need a snack, keep a bag of caramel flavored rice cake minis, not those big styrofoam tasting ones, and they also have a great tasting cheddar flavor mini rice cakes.

Their size is about the size of a half dollar, that way you think youíre eating potato chips, just to trick your brain, lol. Very low calorie count and you can eat a fair amount to satisfy a good snack amount.

Now something else I did and seems to have stuck with me is to avoid meats by only eating one meat choice per day either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One meat choice a day allows you to manage your meat intake and not feel deprived of it all together.

If I had bacon for breakfast, that was my meat for the day. If I wanted meat for dinner, I resisted any other meat for the day. Moderating your meat intake is healthy, smart, and easy to do if you use a method of lean moderation.

So, for lunch I will eat light, a salad, but very little salad dressing, just enough to taste, but not enough to WEAR for the nest week. Try to avoid the cheeses too if you can, after all it is a animal byproduct and there in lies the fats. I know a lot of people will tell you, non-vegans, that you need protein, and meats provide that, but remember, the human body cannot find a use for the fats except to store it for a rainy day that never comes.

Hereís some good news, turns out the body LOVES starches and that is GREAT! We love potatoes and vegetables, so eat up. Those foods the body knows just what to gain from them and does not store the leftovers as fat. Hmmm! No Fats No Storage! But donít use much butter and definitely no margarine!

Learning to eat healthier is really very simple, just learn to know what food does once it
passes the lips and over the gums and youíll soon see yourself eating smarter, healthier and your body will thank you for treating it better and with all other things being equal and safe, you just might get a full life of many more years.

I hope I have inspired you to eat smarter, lose weight the easy way, and keep your food intake awareness in check to enjoy food but donít let it store FATS for no future use other than to slow you down and make you buy bigger clothes sizes.

 Apple Cider Vinegar is the EASIEST WAY to
 Lose Weight, Maintain Your Normal Body
 Weight, Improve You Overall Health and
 its the Best Diet You Can Easily Adopt, Apply,
 and Enjoy!





Apple Cider

 benefits includes 
weight loss
, reduced 

lower blood sugar
and improved symptoms of 

Apple Cider


It Also
Lowers Cholesterol
and Improves Heart Health


ATTENTION: Diabetics
Apple Cider Vinegar Will
Reduce Your Blood Sugar
Level Check it Often and
Regularly to Ensure
Good Health



Here's Some Great Snacks
to Replace Your
Current Fat Snacks




Important Note: These rice
cakes are small in size
similar to potato chips
and there is more flavor
per piece and does not
have the styrofoam taste
like the bigger cakes.


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