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Now that we have one easy location for consumers to find their local merchants and services people,
advertising with us is a must do, if you want to be seen and contacted.

The best part of our advertising platform is to provide the best exposure for the least cost to you. When
you can spend less and get more attention, you've struck gold in advertising your business.

To find out more about placing an ad on GallatinShopper.com send us an email providing us your name, your business, and a phone number where we can reach you and the best time to call. We will respond within 24 hours and discuss an ad plan with you.

If You Have a Website We Will Link to it . . . . 

or we will build you a Stand Alone Ad Page for . . . 
   Your Business!

Running your ad on
GallatinShopper.com will
give you . . . .
   EXPOSURE 24/7/365 !

"Your ad may not be for
everyone, but no one
can deny they saw it?"


These are the sizes below that you can choose from . . .


$25.00 Monthly

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$75.00 Monthly


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Local Business Advertising

It Pays to Advertise with Us!

* All Ads Will Have a 3 Month Minimum Run Time
 You are Billed Automatically
Once Your Ad has Ran for 3 Months You
Can Cancel Your Ad at Anytime

If You Have An Ad You Want to Run
Send it as an Attachment to the Email
Address Below


If You Want Us to Create the Ad
for You Just Tell Us to via Email
(No Additional Charge)

Thanks for Choosing Gallatin Shopper!

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the ad size and price you want



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                                                        Help Support Your Fellow Merchants 
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     Below are a few of our creative ad pages we've done
         for local businesses, we can build to your specifications

It's important to understand that having a 'webpage' does not have to involve purchasing a domain name (www.yourbusiness.com) and having to obtain
web hosting
(a monthly or yearly charge) which can add undue cost to you,
if you only need a web presence in order to get people aware of your business
 and where to find your business, we can do this for much less cost to you.

On the other hand if you prefer to have a .com website we can accommodate you with that as well.

Most local businesses just want to advertise locally online and help local people
be aware of their business or services and how to find or contact them.

We are a One and Done, to get your local business online at the Lowest Price!






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Local Business Advertising