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If this is your first time or youíve had trouble swallowing food stuck in your throat on several occasions it is never any easier or less stressful. Choking, or more accurately, not being able to swallow is not fun. Still being able to breathe during these attacks, separates it from true choking conditions.

There is a little known title given to throat spasms that literally cause your throat to slam shut and not even let your own saliva to pass down your throat. And that title is called Achalasia. There is another name given to this condition and it is Schatzki's Ring.

It has been my studies that tell me that there are far more cases of Achalasia or Schatzkiís Ring than doctors would attest to for whatever reasons.

There are some reports that claim this condition is primarily targeted at people in the 35 to 65 year range, but I have seen cases that literally involve much younger sufferers as well

That being said, the medical field is still not admitting to this disorder as one that can only be attributed to Gerd, reflux, or throat cancer as the main causes for this problem. I personally beg to differ somewhat. Please understand I am not a doctor and do not expect you to do or try anything that your doctor would not approve of.



I do have a son-in-law who is an orthopedic surgeon and by chance I did ask what he thought on my condition of constantly choking on food stuck in my throat.

Much to my surprise, he admitted to having suffered with this condition himself. He offered his solution and needless to say, he is now my favorite son-in-law for the rest of my life. At least from a medical standpoint.

What he said I should do is to take Prilosec or a generic of it and double the dosage for a month, This dosage would be to take one pill in the morning and one pill in the evening. I did this for a month and then continued to take only one pill per day.

This has been miraculous, nothing short of absolutely amazing. That was in 2014 and now in 2017 I continue to have a normal eating habit without having to avoid any foods whatsoever.

Choking on certain foods is no longer an issue. I can eat whatever I want whenever I want, except for spicy foods too close to bedtime. Old man acid reflux can still visit me when I am horizontal. But aside from that, after some 10 years of choking on food stuck in my throat, nearly 3 to 4 times a month, I am cured.

Speaking first-person and as I write this article, I have made some revision to my daily intake of the generic Prilosec pills. In light of recent studies that state that daily continued use of this Prilosec and Nexium regiment can contribute to liver and kidney problems, I now will take my generic Prilosec once a day for 2 weeks then nothing for 2 weeks and then start over. Never hurts to be cautious and not get overly dependent on a pill. While this remedy has work wonders for me, I expect it may not for everyone.



There is something in the Prilosec formula that address either a deficiency or imbalance within my throat or my bodyís nutrients, but instead of pursuing a costly trip down doctorís office lane, Iím happy with what works for me. I sincerely wish this remedy will work for you as well.

I have included other peopleís home remedies and personal solutions to their similar choking on food stuck in their throats on this page to give you as much home remedy solutions that I deem relevant. I still would suggest that you seek medical attention from a specific doctor say of, ear nose and throat specialties. But, a general practitioner would not be likely to know your specific needs without suggesting having your throat stretched or a lower esophagus muscle being clipped.

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