Custom Reusable Grocery Bags


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Custom Reusable

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Custom Reusable Grocery Bags




President Donald Trump, added his signature to the “Save Our Seas Act”, an initiative to clean up 8 million tons of debris in the world’s oceans. We must stop the use of something that will stay around forever until we clean up our own messes of single use plastic bags and other discarded plastic products.





 Custom Reusable Grocery Bags

are all the rage, and rightfully so, recently
California, New York, and Hawaii have
banned the use of plastic bags for groceries among other uses in the

When you consider the negative effects
that plastic bags, in general, do to our
environment, it's very damaging and the
landfills are full of these plastic bags and
other plastic products that simply will not
decompose, within any reasonable period
of time, if ever. So, what do we do?











What are the alternatives to plastic
grocery bags?

 We’re glad you asked. With the ongoing
efforts to ban plastic bags are taking hold
in other areas that have yet to ban plastic
bags by state laws, companies have begun
to flourish with the new and smarter
concept of using re-usable totes and
grocery bags that actually are fashionable
in some cases.

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      Keep Your Bags in Your Vehicle

  The only real negative, if there really is any, is
  remembering to take the grocery bags or totes
  with you on your trek to the grocery stores and
  we’ve all heard the resounding solution, which
  is to immediately place the emptied grocery
  bags or totes back in your vehicle after
  unloading them at home. Make it a habit!

   Reusable Cloth Bags

  Amazon has a great assortment of Custom
  Reusable Grocery Bags choices that you may
  find appealing to your fashion or taste.

  Reusable cloth bags are another option some
  have adopted in replacing single use plastic
  Branded Reusable Shopping Bags are a
  popular choice of retailers and smart shoppers
  alike when shopping in store other than your
  local grocery stores. Stores like Walmart,
  Target, JCPenney, and other retail stores are
  promoting branded shopping bags to advocate
  environmentally friendly shopping bags.

While it will take some people longer than others to remember to put the totes back in the car,
it won’t take you long if you get to the checkout and have to pay for the store’s paper bags if
you want to sack your groceries.

Grocers are already seeing the need to offer their own version of non-plastic bags and their
solution is to charge you a small fee to use their plastic or fabric bags at checkout. Let’s not
pend additional money just to take away your groceries, think to use totes and keep them in
our car!

Other uses for totes used for your groceries can be for beach bags, sleep over bags, lunch or
picnic bags. You see being a little creative, smarter, and a be kind to the planet type of thinker,
we can all rid our environment of plastic bags really quite easily, when you think about what
we can do individually.

     THANKS for THINKING of MOTHER EARTH! She’s the Only One We’ve Got!





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