Developments in Gallatin

  As you are well aware, growth comes to an area in steps and stages that are not always without the pains that accompany them.
Getting involved with your city departments can be an asset to all.


Developments in Gallatin. There is a lot of development
occurring in Gallatin currently, and this growth is in retail, residential, apartment additions, rezoning, and infrastructure.

In order to realize what growth and development entails, its knowing what is coming to town and where it will land on the
local map of our gracious and growing city.

Whether it is more apartment complexes, more single family homes and subdivisions, or an increase in retail facilities to support our fair city, being informed of these specific details
gives you insight on the impacts you, your family, and friends
will see.


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  Growth of an area is considered progress, but along with progress, the pains of new and different landscape is to be anticipated and hopefully with direct and detailed impact studies are needed to soften the growth curve.

As a resident of Gallatin, Tennessee, your opinions and concerns matter and should be constructively be expressed. When you have concerns that directly affect you and your life in your hometown, feel it your civic duty to be heard and your opinion stated.

Not all considerations come from the planning department and in most cases, there are oversights that do occur and can resolve before full construction is in place.

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Even after construction, real life situations can cause undue hardships and those should be identified and express to the right people and city departments.

Developments in Gallatin
Please pan through these current expansions and help us all to understand the impact and ideas that could make for smoother transition of our ever expanding communities.
  In Order to Contact Your Local Government Agencies
or Departments that can Assist You in Any Questions, Comments, or Inquiries You May Have, Here is a List
of Some that May Help You:

   - Potholes, street signs, flooding, etc.
   - Planning Commission
   - Who Do I Need to Talk to?




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