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Spotlight: Homes For Sale in Gallatin - 1100 Wrights Lane, Gallatin
  MLS #:1423220 $1,999,990   

Local real estate for sale in Gallatin Tennessee is always a great place to invest in a home or rental property. The fact is, in spite of recent real estate market upsets and losses, Middle Tennessee has survived quite nicely. Having a stable real estate market is attributed to having better than average jobs available and stability within our area that supports our families.

For this reason, if for no other reason, Investing in Your Gallatin Community allows us all to be progressive and provide a stable economy Right Here at Home!


1021 Odoms Bend Rd

This home is currently listed at
5 bedroom 4 full baths 1 half bath
16,330 sq ft

sitting on 29.9 acres

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What You Need to Know About Title Searches

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, no matter where you plan on doing it, you need to be assured that what you are buying or selling has no ghosts in the closets or in the title.

By ghosts, I am referring to hidden and/or unknown liens and unknown unreleased claims to a piece of property before you get caught up in a whole mess of trouble that can spoil the best of real estate transactions.

A title search is done to make sure there are no liens or any claims against the property and you can transfer it legally to a new owner. A researcher, usually done by a clerk from a closing attorney's office does this search. There is a fee paid for this service.

A title opinion letter is a letter that states there does not appear to be any liens against a piece of property, but no assurances or guarantees are given. This letter is sometimes given in lieu of a more costly version of a title search that includes title insurance. Do Not Ever Under Any Circumstances Settle for a Title Opinion Letter!

Title Insurance is an assurance that if something may have been missed or overlooked in the original title search for any liens or unreleased ownership of a piece of property, you are covered by this title insurance that protects you from legal or financial recourse. Insist On Title Insurance on All Real Estate Transactions!

Example: Real Case History in Gallatin

It was several years ago, but there was a family that got a notice some 15 years
after owning a piece of property and living in their home, that stated there was a
builder's lien disclosed by a plaintiff that never received payment for their work performed on this property and they were demanding some $4,000 in restitution.

Unfortunately, the buyers, and now long time owners of the property, only paid for a title opinion letter in order to save a few hundred dollars at closing, and did not have a title insurance policy. Well, guess who had to pay for the $4,000? Yep, the family that had been living in their home for 15 years. 

So, you never know when that title insurance policy will come in handy. Don't buy a home or property without it!




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