Acid Reflux Remedies
That Work FAST


Nothing is more irritating that acid reflux or more frustrating. Acid reflux will instantly leave you wondering how I can stop this from happening and how to soothe the pain FAST!

First, letís discuss what is actually happening when you experience acid reflux. The acids in your stomach are designed to break down foods that you send to your stomach. From that point, there needs to be the right amount of acid to convert the solid foods to a waste product.

There is a flap that closes before reaching your stomach whenever you are not eating to prevent those stomach acids from crawling up your throat and your throat is not designed to tolerate those acids and their burning effects.

Once the flap has opened, you are now in full blown acid reflux. This is what we need to prevent from happening. If the stomach has created too much acid, it has to go somewhere. If the flap is too weak, it will open when you donít want it to. So, a very simple cure is to reduce the amount of stomach acid your body produces. This is a balancing act so that you have the right amount of acid without having too much.

Many sufferers of acid reflux only have issues once they lie down at night. This usually is caused by a weak flap before the stomach that simple gravity works against your flap to open up. One important thing to know is to only lay on your left side or sleep on your back with your head elevated. This will defeat the gravity effects on your flap and prevent reflux from happening due to a weak flap at the base of your esophagus.


Your diet is another culprit to your acid reflux issues. There is no question what you eat affects your stomach acids. Hence, giving your stomach the time to process certain foods is key to avoiding acid reflux. Foods such as pizzas, drinks like beer and those that contain alcohol, spicy foods that include peppers and garlic are especially difficult for your stomach to process the right amount of acid to offset the food and drinks you have consumed.

One easy thing to do is only eat spicy foods and drinks in moderation and give your stomach several hours before laying down. But if you are determined to eat and drink the type of products that irritate your stomach acids, then you need to consider these remedies.



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