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Fix Jeeps  is a very informative website that is dialed into Jeep Wrangler TJ & YJ Models. There are videos that cover
numerous issues that you can watch and know exactly how to modify, repair, or do maintenance yourself and $AVE MONEY
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  is your Go To
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Jeep Wrangler Tips & Repairs

 When you are in need of some
awesome insights on how to make
adjustments or changes to your
Jeep Wranglers Chuck can help:

 1. Wrangler YJ Maintenance
 2. 12 Volt Automotive Relays
 3. Manual Shift Security Tips
 4. Cheap Wrangler YJ Lift
 5. Wrangler YJ Drive Shaft Repairs
 5. Jeep Wrangler YJ Transfer Case
 6. Crank Shaft Positioning Sensor
 7. Junkyard Trips
 8. Wrangler YJ Clutch Problems
 9. Jeep Hardtop Fiberglass Repair
10. Car Shows

 The list goes on with just how Chuck
can assist you with his numerous
videos of How-to's that can save you
both Time & Money!


Jeep Wranglers are Fun to Enjoy!

 Chuck has been a Jeep owner
and self-trained maintenance guy
on his own Jeep Wranglers, so
that alone is a major plus when
watching his videos and interacting
with his tips and tricks of ownership.

 Take the time to browse trough
Chuck's POWER ADDICT Videos
and see just what valuable lessons
he can help you with . .

 Jeep Ownership is Fun, Forgiving,
and Personal once you discover all
the the things a Jeep Wrangler can
give you to ENJOY!

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Jeep Wrangler TJ's and YJ's are
in a league of their own and that
makes having them and working
on them a real pleasure once you
know the ins and outs of how to
to keep them in tip top shape.

 Before buying a Jeep Wrangler
it pays to know what to look for
and what not to find that could
mean the difference if a good
deal and a costly one . . .


 Local Jeep Owner Tips &
Repairs is Priceless!







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Having FUN . . .
On or Off Road with
Your Jeep Wrangler!


  "As a lifelong Jeep enthusiast, I enjoy sharing some of the experiences I have had and some tips that may help you along
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