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 Kayaking is a great way to get out
 and enjoy your local waterways,
 creeks, area lakes, and streams.

 First things first though, you need to 
 know what you'll need to get started
 and what to wear.

           Safety First Always!
      NEVER Go Kayaking Alone!

 Depending on whether you bring your
 own kayak or you simply use a kayak
 rental service, you obviously need a
 life jacket for each person going, and
 you'll need to dress for the water  
 temperature and not necessarily the
 air temperature.
 Knowing the basics of kayaking will
 save you a lot of time if its your first
 time to go on the water with a kayak.

 Plan your first kayaking trip on a calm,
 warm, and non-busy area. A small
 lake, stream, or creek is best.

 Make sure you know how to board
 the kayak, so you don't tip over from
 the start. Just relax and try boarding
 your kayak while it is still partially on
 the bank. Straddle the kayak and put
 one leg in first as you lower yourself
 into the kayak and then once seated
 bring you other leg into the kayak.
 Then once on board, with your paddle
 in hand, ease the kayak out into the
 water so the entire kayak is afloat.

 Play with your paddle and see that
 you can go forward and reverse by
 whether you push the paddle or pull
 the paddle. Pushing should cause the
 paddle to make the kayak go
 backward and pulling will make it go

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Gallatin Kayak Rentals
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Nashville Kayak Rentals
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Cumberland Kayak
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