Meatless Monday Recipes


Meatless Monday Recipes or Simply Reducing the Meat In Your Diet is SMART


What is Meatless Monday all about: Meatless Monday is an international campaign that encourages people to not eat meat on Mondays to improve their health and the health of the planet.

Avoiding Meat and Meat Byproducts is Beneficial to Your Health

Letís face it meat tastes good, but meat adds FAT to our bodies. For you doubting Thomasí, ever seen a FAT Asian person? India Indian? Vietnamese person? I rest my case, since they consume virtually no meats to speak of and they do not have to deal with weight issues or other health diseases that we face far too often in this country.

If you are looking to lose weight easily and keep it off read my ACV Diet page. So, since you are here, letís discuss the negatives of eating meats. Meats are a deep-rooted part of the western worldís daily diets and this is very hard to avoid, but to avoid going completely vegan and feeling deprived of those taste tempting meat dishes lets first look at what foods to avoid as much as possible,

Meats that have a lot of fat exposed and easy to trim off, do so. Steaks are a good example of this. Cooking in greases or oils is adding insult to injury and must be avoided if you want to lose weight and keep fat from attaching itself your body avoid frying your meats.

The human body does not have a use for animal fats and it simply stores it on parts of your body that youíd rather it didnít. That is a fat fact, not an opinion. Look at the countries or areas of the world mentioned above for all the proof you need.










Monday Recipes

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  The FATS you Eat are the FATS

Something we Americans seem to overlook are the meat byproducts we consume, never taking the time to realize they are byproducts from animals and we donít think we are eating meat products.

Take for example, milk, seems harmless enough, but each animal in Godís kingdom was designed to nourish its own offspring, you donít agree? Then, why donít we drink horse milk? or pig milk?


Milk has specific benefits to its own animal breed and that is by design, we have tried to redesign the use for humans by adding additional ingredients, but that alone is reason to not indulge yourself in it. Ever know why some people are lactose intolerant? We werenít designed to drink milk or certainly not to the amount we do, and ice cream, really? That is milk and sugar combined.




Meatless Monday Recipes and the Reasons Why


Cheeses are another meat byproduct that we tend to migrate to and consume, but again it comes from animals., and a lot of the cheeses or so called cheeses are only partially cheese and again, other ingredients added, like preservatives and such.

Eggs, come on now, what is an egg but an unborn animal, really do we need to debate this one? Iím not trying to convert you to a vegan, but the truth is, the human body was designed to be far more a vegetable eater than meats. Meat contains fats that our bodies have absolutely no use for and that is why; ďThe FATS you eat, are the FATS you WEAR!Ē The more meat you eat the fatter youíll get.

Butter, oils, sour cream, and the dreaded margarine are still things to keep at a bare minimum. Margarine is a manufactured product, donít think that is good for the body.


Apple Cider Vinegar is a Great way to improve your health and make your body shape up, feel better, and increase your energy by stimulating your metabolism.


The human body was meant to consume starches, vitamins, and plant-based foods to maintain the best health you can be in. Granted it is next to impossible to avoid all meat and if youíll minimize what meats you eat, how you cook the meats, and keep the meat byproducts to a bare minimum, youíll quickly see your body redesign itself to a much healthier shape and condition.

Another thing to make you stop and think is the chemicals and vaccines that are injected into cattle, chickens, and pigs to keep them supposedly safe for our consumption, is adding those same unwanted or not needed chemicals and preservatives into our bodies too, when we consume the meat. Hmmm?

So, hereís a great first step at changing your bodyís shape and figure for the better:

ē Drink 1 cup (from a mixture of 2 quarts of 100% fruit juice and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar) each morning. This will help your body burn fat, and curb your hunger between meals
ē If you must eat a meat, only eat one meat for one of your three meals each day. If you eat bacon for breakfast, that is your meat for that day. This way you choose when you eat a meat for one of your meals, not at each meal. This will help you reduce the fat intake and still give you what you crave in the meat category.
ē Switch your snack cravings to raw vegetables, flavored rice cakes, (they have some really good ones that have caramel flavor and cheddar cheese flavor, and get the ones that are the size of potato chips, tricks the brain) or eat dry cereal as a snack. They also have tasty low calorie cookies to choose from as well.
ē Eat any vegetables in reasonable quantity. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are great foods since the body knows what to do with their content and rids itself of what it doesnít.
ē When at the table, donít add more salt or butter, if you will season to taste while cooking only, youíll benefit from not doubling up on what your body doesnít need.

It has been strongly attested to, that when you eat plant-based foods and no meats or meat byproducts, you can reverse some health issues that have already attacked your body. I think the vast benefits of adding apple cider vinegar will keep your body cleansed and it will keep your metabolism active and that will keep your bodyís motor running like a top.




The Starch Solution - John McDougall MD


Now, for full disclosure, in order to drop some serious weight FASTER! I cut out my sweet tooth products and replaced them with some really tasty substitutes. For example, when you need a snack, keep a bag of caramel flavored rice cake minis, not those big styrofoam tasting ones, and they also have a great tasting cheddar flavor mini rice cakes.

Their size is about the size of a half dollar, that way you think youíre eating potato chips, just to trick your brain, lol. Very low calorie count and you can eat a fair amount to satisfy a good snack amount.

Now something else I did and seems to have stuck with me is to avoid meats by only eating one meat choice per day either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One meat choice a day allows you to manage your meat intake and not feel deprived of it all together.

If I had bacon for breakfast, that was my meat for the day. If I wanted meat for dinner, I resisted any other meat for the day. Moderating your meat intake is healthy, smart, and easy to do if you use a method of lean moderation.

So, for lunch I will eat light, a salad, but very little salad dressing, just enough to taste, but not enough to WEAR for the nest week. Try to avoid the cheeses too if you can, after all it is a animal byproduct and there in lies the fats. I know a lot of people will tell you, non-vegans, that you need protein, and meats provide that, but remember, the human body cannot find a use for the fats except to store it for a rainy day that never comes.

Hereís some good news, turns out the body LOVES starches and that is GREAT! We love potatoes and vegetables, so eat up. Those foods the body knows just what to gain from them and does not store the leftovers as fat. Hmmm! No Fats No Storage! But donít use much butter and definitely no margarine!

Learning to eat healthier is really very simple, just learn to know what food does once it pass the lips and over the gums and youíll soon see yourself eating smarter, healthier and your body will thank you for treating it better and with all other things being equal and safe, you just might get a full life of many more years.

I hope I have inspired you to eat smarter, lose weight the easy way, and keep your food intake awareness in check to enjoy food but donít let it store FATS for no future use other than to slow you down and make you buy bigger clothes sizes.

 Meatless Monday Recipes Are A Great Way to Reduce the Meat You Eat




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