Apple Cider Vinegar Diet
This is the No Diet No Exercise
method of losing weight for
a lot of people.



Granted, apple cider vinegar has
a very bitter taste and this alone
could turn you away from using it
to lose weight. But, we have devised
a simple formula to give you just
what you need and make the taste
far more doable than drinking plain
apple cider vinegar.

The method we use is a
knock off version of a product that
use to be on store shelves in the past
but is no longer available. It was
called “Jogging in a Jug”.

So, the formula we use is to take
a 2 quart juicy juice 100% fruit
drink flavor of your choice, we use
apple flavor. Pour 1 measured cup
of the fruit juice into another
container and use it later. Then with
the 2 quart juicy juice a cup low, pour
in a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and
make sure you use a brand that has
the ‘Mother’ in it. This will give you
all the best ingredients from the
apple cider vinegar.

Drink about half a cup of your mixture
before each meal and you’ll eat
less, feel fuller, and find yourself eating
less, especially between meals.

There are numerous benefits of
drinking this mixture. Your blood
sugar levels will balance out, it
lowers your cholesterol levels,
it helps with acid reflux, it helps
with digestion and other great benefits.

See if you don’t find that your
health and weight benefit from this
simple method.