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Gallatin Genesco Shoe Factory Building
This building was used for numerous purposes; shoe factory, school, police station, animal control location and other uses as well

Famous South Tunnel 
The first train passed through South Tunnel on August 10, 1859

Texaco Gas Station on North Water
This building is still standing and has remained in tact for the most part.

.Cairo School House
This school house has been restored and can be seen off Ziggler's Fort Rd and Cairio Rd where they merge.

Fairview Plantation House
Many memories and parties have taken place here for decades and the lake area behind the house has been a favorite place for boaters to drop anchor in the cove.

Fitzgerald House
Henry FitzGerald built this brick mansion for his family plantation in 1860

Number One Church of Christ
Now that is a serious front porch to a building of it's size

Gaither House
John Gaither was a well known preacher of the late 1940's till mid 1960's

Randy's Record Shop
Randy Woods, founder of Dot Records, raised McMinnville, graduated from MTSU, and settled in Gallatin, started an appliance store then later stocked records for sale as a sideline. It eventually became a one of the largest mail order music record business locations in the country. He lived to age 94

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