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Call: (615) 452-6087


J. R. Black Plumbing and Electric Services in Gallatin Tn

J.R. Black has been serving the Gallatin and surrounding area with plumbing and electrical service since 1992. When you need a plumber or an electrician, Jr is the man for the job. Just remember a local plumber or electrician that lives in your community is easier to reach and the response time is faster when the need arises.

                       We Do Gas Lines Too!

Having a local plumber to call on when you need the services that are available without having to wait for out of town service people is a blessing that goes without saying. Often timing is everything when a plumbing or electrical need arises.

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Plumbing and electric service in Gallatin TN is such a vital service field to be involved. The number of plumbing and electrical needs that occur on a regular basis keeps most every plumber or electrician busy year round. Don't try to save time or money and possibly hurt yourself if you are not trained or educated on specific repairs of plumbing and electrical problems. The savings and peace of mind is in knowing who to call when the need arises. J.R. Black is the man to call, to assure you, the work gets done right the first time. A proven craftsman of his trade.

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Plumbing and Electric Service in Gallatin TN