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We Move Portable Storage Buildings and Sheds in Middle Tennessee with precision at affordable prices.


Barn Movers, Inc.
When you need a
portable storage
building or shed
moved or delivered
for relocation . . .



We use the best equipment for getting your shed delivered quickly
and in just the "right spot". Don't settle for less and pay the same or more.

We've made moving storage sheds our family business for years,
with fast friendly service . . .

Call: Rusty Tinnin @
We're located in Goodletsville, TN


The Tinnin family appreciates your business

 When you purchase a storage building or shed you will need to have it
 moved or delivered to your location and that is a separate transaction
 from the actual purchase many times, whether it is from a dealer or a
 private individual.

 Having the right person with the right equipment for the job, is having
 the peace of mind that everything will work out as you have it planned.
 Knowing who to call and when to expect your shed to be delivered, is
 your main concerns.

 Having someone who can answer your call and answer your wishes
 of when your building or shed will be delivered, is paramount to
 getting the job done right and on time.

 We have years of experience and the right equipment to get the job
 done right and your building placed in just the right spot where you
 want it to be.

 We use a professionally built trailer, built by Mennonites to give us
 the ability to load, move, and deliver your shed in a safe and efficient

 We also use a machine known as a Mule to maneuver your shed to
 be able to place it right where you want to reside for your access and

 Many people will tell you, Yeah, we can move it! But, if they dont
 have the best tools for the job, you may end up paying retail prices
 for a wholesale job.

 Be sure to get what you expect and what you paid for in anything
 you do.

 Wed appreciate your business and well take good care of your
 shed and your peace of mind.

         Give Us a Call Today! 615-300-7878 ask for Rusty.

  "I dont know if Cheryl Got Her She Shed Delivered Yet, but Wed
 Be Glad to Help Her if She Calls Us!"

                                                         Have a Nice Day!






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