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We're Located at 642 Blythe Street, in Gallatin, TN

World Famous Cheeseburgers - Catfish - BBQ more . . . .

If You Haven't Tasted Our Cookin' You've Missed a Real Southern Meal





Top Hog BBQ
642 Blythe Street
Gallatin, Tennessee














 Our Meals are ALWAYS Served HOT and FRESH!


Our Top Hog Menu

                  Top Hog's Menu is design to be easy to see and order from
                  as well. Folks tell us our prices are just as enjoyable as our food.

                 Whether its a full meal or just by the veggie, just know that each
                 item is probably the best you've ever tasted. We don't say that our
                 customer's do.

                 When it comes to southern food and hospitality,
                 we enjoy serving our customers with the best recipes we've
                 found to please the most people. It's just how we do it. If you've
                 never tried our home cookin before, we invite you to come
                 give us a chance to please your palate firsthand.



             We appreciate your business and hope to seeya real soon at

642 Blythe Street in Gallatin









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