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In Todayís crazy, busy, and hectic world of surviving the income vs outgo rat race, each and every one of us needs to have a roadmap to shortcuts on . . .

                             SAVING MONEY!

Whether itís using Coupon Apps, Senior Citizen Discounts, or Knowing
What Days to Actually Shop for LOWER PRICES . . .

Coupon Apps and discount coupon apps are all the rage and for smart reasons. They
can save you tons of money, and a dollar saved is a dollar toward something else you
want to purchase and now you've still got it to spend!

Knowing the best apps for grocery shopping, free gift cards, restaurant coupons, and
promo codes for saving you money can be the same as putting more cash back into
your pocket every time you go shopping.

 It Pays to Know These Things!

For Instance, How to SAVE BIG TIME if You Are a . . . .
Comcast Customer by Switching Your Cell Phone Service . . .

Many of you use Verizon, AT&T, or some other cell phone provider, right? Well, if your bill is in the range of $150 to $230 a month thatís too much!

If you are an existing customer of Comcast for your internet or cable tv, then you need to switch to Xfinity Mobile! WHY? Well, we were paying $180 to Verizon a month for 2 cell phones' service and since we were Comcast customers, we could and did switch to
Xfinity Mobile and Our Bill Dropped to $30 a MONTH!

Thatís for Both of Our Phones COMBINED!

For all you doubting Thomasí we went from Verizon Unlimited Service to only paying for 3 GB per month and the reception is equal to Verizonís, since they use the same towers as Verizon. If you want to keep Unlimited Data, that cost would Only Be $60 a month for 2 Phones! That my friend is a Serious SAVINGS!

But, donít stop there for Serious Savings and Discounts:



           - Retail Store Discounts - Grocery Store Discounts - Restaurant Discounts
             - Hotel Discounts - Rental Car Discounts - Air, Bus, and Rail Discounts

Many of these discounts are designed for Senior Citizens, but if you canít apply them, maybe you know someone who can and they may be able to shop with you and save together?


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