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Divorce is an Emotional
Separation and the Steps
You Take are Important
to Resolving it Peacefully 

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Reasons for Divorce
Infidelity. Extra-marital affairs
Money. Money makes people fight over the lack of or extra money coming into the home
Lack of communication, not having open constructive conversations
Constant arguing and always at odds with each other
Weight gain
Unrealistic expectations, a new career promise, an old lifestyle ended
Lack of intimacy, frequency or sincerity
Lack of equality, what is good for one is not good for another, separate rules

Legally Acceptable Reasons for Divorce

Adultery or cheating
Mental incapacity at time of marriage
Marriage between close relatives
Impotence at time of marriage
Force or fraud in obtaining the marriage
Criminal conviction and/or imprisonment
Mental or physical abuse
Drug or alcohol addiction
Mental illness

Divorce Lawyers

If you're seeking a divorce lawyer it would be a good question to ask which
 gender they have represented more times than not. This may seem to be
an  irrelevant question but in reality all things are relevant and it could mean
the difference in the outcome of your case.

The actual case of divorce is not about if a marriage is ending, but rather
how the property and possessions will be divided and who gets custody
of the children and or pets. Yes, pets can be a real divisional point of
interest as well.

Anytime a pre-settlement agreement can be reached prior to divorce
litigation, it is highly recommended. Fighting out a divorce settlement
in court can become longer  and more involved, with legal fees
accumulating as the case progresses, before a  decision is made.

Divorce Cases Are All Different
and for that reason alone, you need to seek the
right legal team representation for your best
interests. Divorce cases are generally the most
emotional legal matters a court hears.

There are a lot of issues that you need answers
to in order to ensure that you get to keep more
of your possessions and how custody will be
decided. Don't let friends and family lead you
in an uneducated direction legally. You need to
leave the litigation procedures to the lawyers or
attorneys that you hire to protect your best

Divorce is a breaking apart or disbanding of
a marital agreement. To undo what has been
legally joined is hard on all parties involved
despite what you may be led to believe.

Whatever issues that cannot be agreed upon
through negotiating will be resolved in court.
Allow your legal representation to present your
vested interests in best possible light.

What Determines Who Gets What in a Divorce 

This is a never ending question that has it's truths and myths associated with it. First of  all there are no two divorce settlements that are exactly alike. In saying that, don't try  and compare your divorce case to match up with someone else's you may know.

Tennessee has laws in place that state that a married couple are tenants in common and unless there is a pre-nuptial agreement signed and entered into the courts prior to a marriage, you both own what the other spouse owns going into a divorce battle.

Often times a smooth and civil divorce case will have both parties resolving most possession issues agreed upon and avoiding costly litigation. While that may be the case for some who enter into a divorce case, there are those who are determined to get the last jabs in to their parting spouse. In those cases, be sure to have as much documentation as possible and any witnesses that will back your claims that will appear in court.

A judge does have latitudes of ruling in either parties behalf and the manner in which you prepare for the divorce proceedings can and will make a huge difference in how the gavel will fall.

It is highly advisable to get all agreements in writing and entered into the courts. A verbal agreement does not have any merit to the courts and will not be honored by those unaware of side agreements.

Divorce is a major life event and deserves a long and thoughtful consideration
especially when there are children involved. The connection to the children will
inevitably be a long term connection despite a divorce and the reality that other
adult companions will be introduced later on, will further complicate a smooth
working relationship with the parents of those children. Think long and hard of
all the possibilities of what a divorce may incur.




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