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Gas and electricity are essential to our livelihood and well-being, when it comes to our most important heating and cooling commodities. Gas for our homes in the way of gas furnaces, gas appliances, and propane for our outdoor grills can be the preferred utilities over electricity whenever available. Natural gas is often the preferred choice in heating and cooking.

Electricity is provided in the Middle Tennessee area by TVA. There are subdivided providers of the local electricity depending on your location. The Gallatin City Limits are provided their electric service by the
Gallatin Electric Department, and Sumner County is provided electricity by CEMC, or Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation. The Natural Gas Department is the Gallatin Public Utilities.

Local Gas Prices - for your automobiles the area gasoline prices vary depending on your choice of outlets. Gas prices can vary as much as 30 cents per gallon within a one-mile distance. Convenience is the name of the game when gas prices are concerned. Are you willing to shop for the lowest gas prices or simply fuel at the closest location?

Gas versus Electricity for your main heating source is always a debate depending on who you talk to. Gas heat is a warmer heat and at the same time electricity is obviously a non-combustible fuel source that gives some people less worries.
 Thanks to Derryberry Heat & Air:
 True testimonial: Since switching to a new
 gas central unit, our heating bills have dropped 
 almost $100 per month in the winter months.
 There is much more even heating throughout our
 house and without the cooler spots around the
 house from the old electric unit, the thermostat
 does not have to kick the unit on nearly as
                                Thanks to Jeff & Nick!


Propane gas heat is another alternative for rural customers if they choose the gas delivery source for their heat and appliance items. Propane can be purchased in advance often-times to save on cost for the upcoming winter and avoid paying higher retail prices for propane on demand.







Natural Gas vs. Electric appliances. Gas is almost always cheaper than electricity. While gas is generally cheaper, it does have risks unlike electricity. Using gas appliances like ovens and water heaters, there is the risk of unwanted combustion if there is a leak that goes unrepaired. Always do periodic inspections to ensure
the safe use of gas fueled products.

Saving Money On Wasted Energy

In todayís world most of us all have laptops, tablets, or smartphones, right? These devices all need to be charged and if you leave the charger plugged into the wall, when you arenít charging a device, you are still using electricity. Unplug it from the wall to stop using electricity. Most households have more than one of these juice suckers plugged in around the house. That is money wasted.

Cable boxes, Apple TVs, Xbox consoles and other modern devices have a standby mode, or in other words, in order to instantly be activated when you are ready they are using electricity even while in standby mode. Unplug those suckers.

Power strips are great way to shut these electricity suckers off, but donít forget to turn them off each time. Overnight is another time when electricity is wasted. Simply turning your tv off is still letting it suck power out of your wallet.

Digital Clocks Everywhere

Any devise with a digital clock on is using electricity. Learn to rely on battery operated clocks and kill the power to DVD players, microwaves, etc.

They now make power strips that can detect when an energy need is present, and if the device is not connected, no power will be drawn.

Anything you donít need or arenít using at the time should not be an increased bill you are paying on needlessly.

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