Yard Sales & Garage Sales in Gallatin, Hendersonville, Portland and across Sumner County



     Knowing Where the Yard Sales are Going to be is Key to Getting the Best Deals

We understand you want to find the bargains before others and that is what this page is
designed to do, Help You Find'em ! Decide on Which Town You Plan to Shop for the
Yard Sale or Garage Sale Bargains and make it a date to remember.

Yard Sales & Garage Sales in Sumner County:
Yard Sales and Garage Sales in and around Gallatin TN


Yard Sales and Garage Sales in and around Hendersonville TN
Yard Sales and Garage Sales in and around Portland TN
Yard Sales and Garage Sales in and around Bethpage / Castalian Springs TN

Don't judge a small yard sale by its appearance . . .

Okay, so you've got your sights on something big, like furniture or outdoor items,
just because you don't see them as you stroll by, be sure to stop, browse, and ask

Often times, folks may be willing to sell items that you bring to mind, when you ask,
that they didn't think to put in the yard sale to begin with. Conversation goes a long
way in finding those buried treasures.

Neighborhood Yard Sales

When it comes to getting the most for your time and money, a local neighborhood
yard sale offers multiple vendors all close together, so, park and shop like you are
the best bidder on the block. Everyone knows that there are competitors close by
for your purchasing dollars, so they will all be more apt to accept an offer of a lower
price. This is a Win Win for You!

Should I try to negotiate the price of Yard Sale items?

This really depends on a
few factors. Not every yard
sale presenter is willing to
haggle over price.

Scout out the layout and
see if they tend to group
items of similar kind, like
electronics, books, furniture,

The neater the layout and fewer items for sale they will probably not negotiate, whereas
if it looks like a lot of items are for sale, offer a lower price or do the polite thing and ask;
"Would you be willing to take a little less?". If they say yes, or offer you a reduced price,
they have opened up to consider bids from you. Just don't insult their pricing too much or
they could go back to their original price. Be smart, if you are late to the yard sale, and
the sale is winding down, lower prices are usually welcomed. Only thing is, the best items
have already sold. Shop early for the best items to buy and always think of the
possibilities of buying at a good price just to resell and make a profit.





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