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Pontoon Boat Rentals Near Me


 Pontoon Boat Rentals are a smart
 way to get out and enjoy the lake on a
 pontoon boat with friends and family.

 And by renting a pontoon boat you get
the benefit of having it already in the
 water and running when you get to the
boat dock.

And when the day ends and time to go
 home, all you do is return to the dock
 and get in your vehicle and go home.

 Oh, don't forget to return the keys, that
 is all that you have to do, hmmm, nice.

           Safety First Always!
         Practice Safe Boating!

 When considering a pontoon boat
 rental, just take time to do a check list:

 1. How many people will be boating
 2. Have you got all the life jackets
 3. Are you packing lunch
 4. Know your boating directions
 5. Designate a driver
 5. Is the gas tank full
 6. Say when you plan to return
 7. Do you have an anchor
 8. Understand Buoys and Water Depth
 9. Floats & Skis
10. Sun Block

 That checklist may seem simple or
 easy to remember but that is what
 lists are for, so you don't forget.

 Pontoon boats are easy access for
 handicap and elderly people, so don't
 forget the entire family.

 Before buying a pontoon boat ask
 other owners what would they suggest
 or avoid when you take the plunge.

 Another tip, even if you don't plan to
 to be out after dark, know where the
 lights are and check to see they are
 working. That is very important to be
 seen on the water after dark.

 Take time to pick a great location to
 take your pontoon trip and know your
 way back to the marina. Enjoy!

 Pontoon boats are one of the most
 versatile boats on the water.

 You can take the family out for river
cruise, go fishing and plenty of room
to maneuver your position, take long
rides or pull floats and even skiers.


Boating is FUN for the Entire Family!


Rent A Pontoon and Enjoy!




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