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GallatinShopper NEWS (GSN) is all about sharing thoughts, ideas, events and daily
 awareness to our surroundings in our local community, in Gallatin and Sumner County, TN.
                 "Being a community is about sharing what we can bring to the table and what we can also take from it."

What we have created is a means by which you can interact with other local people to discuss popular topics and give your input to help and assist others.

This IS NOT for political views or slamming or insulting other people by name. We hope you find this discussion group informative and beneficial in your daily life.

Please use good manners and etiquette when using this forum. We appreciate your knowledge and input. Be sure to tell others about our discussion forum and together we can make a difference in our local community.

Current Events in Our Community

We have discussion topics that relate to local events and issues that many of us are affected by in some way. We want to learn from you and what you know about a given subject, to better educate our community.

Some of Your Topics may  include;

Community Events – Tell our members about upcoming events to boost the exposure and attendance

Special Meetings – Meetings that involve community support and input to get the best outcome from the decisions made, as we move forward as a conscientious community.

Kid’s Sports- When are the sign-ups and where do they meet to process sign-ups

Special Events- music festivals, rodeos, health walks, Heart Association, Relay for Life,
walk-a-thons, charities, etc.

 Car Shows – When and where, where is the registration

Square Festivals – Main Street Festivals, Third Thursdays, Fall Festival, etc.

Fishing Tournaments – When, where, entry fees, etc

Bridal Shows – When, where, drawing information, etc.

Special Town Hall Meetings – What is the meeting about, who should attend, etc.

Parades – When, where do they start and finish, etc

Special Days at Bledsoe State Park – What is happening, when, etc.

Pioneer Days- When, where, who can participate, etc.

Cragfont Gala – When, where to sign up, etc.

Fund Raisers – What is the event, who is the benefit for, where is it being held, etc.


All of the events above are things that are always taking place in our community and often times, many people simply miss them because they weren’t aware, until after it had come
and gone. This is why there is a need to stay informed and be more involved in our
community. We hope that you will stay in touch and offer your input as well.










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