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           Know What to Look for and What it Does
    1  -   Garage Door Spring helps balance the  door's weight

 -   Manual Release String releases the door from the 
            chain drive

    3  -   Drive chain coupler allows for door to be released
             from drive

    4  -   The Door Drive Chain

    5  -   The Drive Chain Control Box

    6  -   Garage Door Track guides the door smoothly up
             and down



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Garage Door Repairs can be a real troubleshooting experience. What once was operating just fine, can be disrupted in a minutes
notice. Before you Call for a Service Technician, take time to view your garage door components and this may help to repair the
garage door in less time and possibly a DIY Repair. In either case, knowing what appears to be the problem, sharing this with the
Service Technician could give them a heads up as to what they should have, on their service vehicle ahead of time.


Garage Door Won't Open All the Way

And one other cause not mentioned is the controller sprocket bearings worn
out . . Look for a pile of dark dust on top of the controller under the sprocket






Garage Door Chain Off Track
Replacing or putting the chain back on can be dangerous . . . . BE CAREFUL!
It has been our experience that not all garage door companies are alike, even though
they may all be able to assist you in some manner, there are differences to look for.

Choosing the right garage door company can affect your final cost for their garage door
service, installation, and repairs. From what they charge for service calls, which we found
a range of $35 to $149, was somewhat shocking, and the parts they use to replace your
broken garage door parts can vary considerably. Ask questions to save yourself some
money before the work is done.

An good example is in the cost of garage door springs. Be aware the market has a broad
range of prices, that basically do the same thing.

Another is in the brand history in choosing a replacement garage door opener system.
We recommend a Liftmaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener for a long and useful
garage door system.

Please do you due diligence when shopping for parts, service, and company referrals
when seeking help with your garage door needs and repairs. A little bit of homework
will pay dividends when choosing a reputable garage door business and reliable parts
that have a researchable history of satisfied customers.


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Garage Door Spring Replacement
Definitely the Most Dangerous part of working on a garage door . . . CAUTION!

If You Need
Assistance with your
Garage Doors
We Recommend . . .

You'll be Glad You Did!

Garage Door Repairs are usually best left to the professionals, especially when it comes
to garage door spring adjustments and replacement. Never attempt to over think your
abilities to work on garage doors repairs without a full understanding on what is involved
and your good health will not be jeopardized.



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